Friday, September 26, 2008

Blogger - Blog for Laundry


If Music inspires you,

If DJ’s and Bands captivate you,

If you’d like to explore your own potential as a writer, photographer, videographer, an interviewer,

Meet the bands, dine with them, know them inside out,


here’s your chance to be part of something special, something yours.

We at Laundry are looking for a such a creative talent

All you need to do is write; click the shutters, blog, get the word out, critic objectively and truly appreciate music for what it is.

You will be granted

Full access to the band members,

Meals and Drinks, and a token of our appreciation.

Please send us your portfolio / sample work to or

You could be the next LAUNDRY Blogger we are looking for.

The essentials: Transportation, camera or video cam, your fingers, internet access and a lot of creativity. Be prepared to go out on assignments to KLCC, Sunway.

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