Thursday, March 19, 2009

RM 5/hour with an incentive of RM 0.25/sign-up generated

I find that this job is very interesting especially for people who loves local music!!

We are looking for individuals that fit the description below:

*like local music and lurks online music websites such as Junk, KLue, I-bands, MySpace, Facebook, AMPs etc
*must know how to navigate through these websites, knows how to get e-mail address and send an e-mail, PM etc

Technical Requirements:
*internet access during work
*a Toggl account to track your hours
*Good command of the English language
*knows how to Google!
*Microsoft EXCEL knowledge and google documents!
*preferably use Gmail.
*MSN/Yahoo messenger during work only to talk to me.

Must be able to dedicate at least 20 hours/week, 4 hours/day

Work Description: Basically I will give each of you with a few websites and you're required to invite independent musicians from the website by sending him an e-mail or a PM containing your invite code. Example: you go to, go to band list, click on a member, use the Contact form, and send him an invite.. roughly speaking

Pay: RM 5/hour with an incentive of RM 0.25/sign-up generated
Payment: Maybank2u

Our website is strictly by invitation only so don't worry, members will use your invitation code.

Interested individuals, please PM me. Job will start in about a month from today but we need more than one promoter so hurry!


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