Monday, October 21, 2013

Hi all I have opening for Media Handler, if u have frens or even yourself looking out feel free to email or call me Media Handler JD Media Handling: •Monitor and respond to tape requests received via the established tools and processes in support of the Delphi account. •Own all trouble tickets and calls assigned to Provider through resolution and closure. •Coordinate the Mount/dismount media per defined processes. •Coordinate tape rotations daily. Coordinate with site to: •Apply media labels •Clean media •Clean media drives Coordinate special requests for media. Coordinate to Ensure problem tape bin media is addressed and corrected daily. Identify defective media and coordinate the disposal media appropriately and in accordance with Delphi/HP Security processes. Conduct media inventory on a scheduled basis. Maintain scratch database. Site Details- •Maintain all on SharePoint •Create, list and track media codes •Track rotation day •Track rotation with offsite storage supplier •Track EFS details, EDS, Delphi or HP Media Operations, the coordination of: •barcode scanning on rotations •media scan on rotation •Unknown media resolution •Formatting blank media •Recycle expired media •Rotation of poor media •Hard and soft labeling •Pro-active media monitoring •Request special rotation when media use of capacity exceeds 90% •Retrieve auto-generated pull lists if not received •Access DP GUI to rerun report or create manually Onsite/Off-site Storage: •Ensure tapes are inventoried and prepared for off-site or on-site vaulting. •Ensure tapes returned from off-site storage are inventoried and correctly vaulted. •Ensure tapes are properly stored. •Coordination of media prepared for off-site to the off-site vendor. •In case of delays with off-site vendor pick up, coordinate to store the media on-site in a secure location until off-site vendor arrives. •Coordinate to receive media from off-site vendor. cheers, Rena Soosai 018-2890607

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